VED ENT Hospital

Ved Ent Hospital is Comprehensive Ent Hospital in Ahmedabad with Latest Advanced Diagnostic & Operative Surgical Instruments

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Opening Hours

  • Monday - Saturday
  • Morning:
    9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Evening:
    5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Sunday

Hospital Facilities

- Opd With Endoscopy Unity
- Operation Theater With Latest Surgical
- Audiology And Speech Therapy Dept
- Indoor Facility
- Emergency Services
- Head And Neck Cancer Unit
- Vertigo Clinic

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Dr. Vishal Parmar

Dr. Vishal Parmar


About Ved ENT Hospital


Ved ENT Hospital Provides High Quality Hospital Services and is activity involved in Public Awareness in the field of Ear, Nose, Throat also.Dr. Vishal has Years of rich Surgical Experience and has Exposure to Surgical Practice in INDIA and has also worked as Specialist Registrar in the ENT Department of Ved Ent Hospital.

Located in the center of Ahmedabad city and easily accessible. It is known for its various services like ear, nose, throat operations.

We have sound proof room for conducting various tests for Hearing impairment.

We also Provide speech therapy for varoius speech disorders.

Dr. Vishal Parmar has years of experience at worked in ent department prestigious Lilavati Hospital Mumbai.

medical & sugical treatments

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We are looking forward to providing you with the right ENT services for all your Ear Nose and Throat problems.

The Ear

We are specialist in microscope ear surgeries having latest surgical equipments

Ear Pain

Decreased Hearing

Pus in Ear

Hole in Eardrum


Ringing Sensation in Ear

Vertigo & Pizziness

Ear Piercing


The Nose

FESS - Surgery to remove polyps & sinus infaction & other nasal endoscopic procedures.

Cold & Cough

Bleeding from Nose




Sinus Problems

Plastic Surgery for Crooked Nose


The Oral Cavity , Throat & Neck

We provide medical & surgical treatment for Throat & Neck problems like:-


Voice Disovders,& Voice Box polyps

Foreign Body in Throat

Thyroid Disovders

Parotid & Other Salivary Glands Disorders

Neck Swelling

Ulcers & Other Mouth Problems

OSMF - Restricted Mouth Opening


The Head and Neck Cancer

Early detection & treatment is pivatal for treating cancers at oralcavity, throat & voice box.

Biopsy from Lesion

Endoscopic Evaluation of Throat & Larynx Box

Curative Surgery Depending on Stage at Disease


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