About Ved ENT Hospital


Ved Ent Hospital is Comprehensive Ent Hospital in Ahmedabad with Latest Advanced Diagnostic & Operative Surgical Instruments

Ved ENT Hospital Provides High Quality Hospital Services and is activity involved in Public Awareness in the field of Ear, Nose, Throat also.Ved Ent has Years of rich Surgical Experience and has Exposure to Surgical Practice in INDIA and has also worked as Specialist Registrar in the ENT Department of Ved Ent Hospital in New Ahmedabad.

ENT Specialist in Ahmedabad - Book Doctor Appointment Online, View feedbacks, Address & Phone Numbers of Ear-Nose-Throat (Ent) Doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.This specialty hospital – healthcare center – is located in the center of Ahmedabad city and easily accessible. It is known for its various services like ear, nose, throat operations.

We treat the patients with right medication at right time.Thus we take a great deal of pride in the tradition and uncompromised nature of the personalized care that is provided to our patients. Even though often we are involved in ‘high-tech’ procedures, they are always done with a ‘high-tech ‘ concern for the individual patient.

We have sound proat room for conducting various Audiometic tests for Hearing improvement.

We also Provide speech therapy for varoius speech disorders.

Dr. Vishal Parmar has years of experience at worked in ent department prestigious Herawati Hospital.